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Get Out of Debt Starting with Your Mind

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“The good news is that it doesn’t cost much money to change your thinking.  In fact, it can be done for free.”  Robert Kiyosaki

     The ability of getting out of debt requires much more than just following a few simple personal financial budgeting techniques and principles.  Applying personal financial budgeting techniques and principles are very important to use in helping you manage your personal financial life.  Yet getting out of debt and making right financial choices requires a complete change in your thinking towards debt to achieve permanent financial freedom, and a real change in your life.  Without first working on your mindset concerning your debt situation then you have not established a strong foundation to which to build upon using personal financial budgeting techniques to achieve your financial freedom.  I want you to achieve freedom from your debt and reach financial independence.  This article will help you begin to change your thinking by helping to answer why it is important to think differently about debt, and Financial Freedom. Also, explain what to change your thinking to.  This is the first article of a two-part mini-series in helping you begin to change your thinking about your debt, money, and financial freedom.  This way you can work on beginning to live the life you are meant to live.

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Why Change Your Thinking about Debt and Financial Freedom?

The first step to changing your thinking about debt and financial freedom, is to ask yourself why do I need to change my thinking about debt and financial freedom in the first place?  You need to change your thinking about debt and financial freedom to avoid making the same errors in judgement, while causing yourself to go backwards instead of progressing forward in your life.  In answering the question, you work on changing your mindset from financial freedom by accident to financial freedom by designing the life you want to achieve.  Financial freedom must be at the core of all your life efforts in paving your way out of debt.  The eventual accomplishment of financial freedom in your life should not be something that happens unplanned or with half effort.  Instead, must be something you think about, define, and plan for consistently, having it become part of your life beliefs.  By you changing your thinking about debt and financial freedom you are making the first important step in designing your financial future, instead of debt designing your future.  Right now, I encourage you to begin creating plans as you would your dream house, in designing your financial future. 

     Make an intentional decision at this moment to accomplish specific financial goals on a planned schedule each year until you achieve the point, you are debt free, and where you never have to work again unless you decide to. 

     I encourage you before moving on further that you have a solid reason WHY you need to change your thinking about debt and Financial Freedom as explained previously.  This is very important because what hinders a lot of people from achieving success with money, and having financial freedom generally is caused by the belief that financial success is not a possibility.  Many people create various hinderances that keep them from having abundance financially.  I want to give you tools that will help you to no longer create barriers anymore that keep you bound in debt, and from achieving your life goals.

     When your reasons to change your thinking about debt and pursue financial freedom are strong enough then what to change your thinking too becomes very important.  This what we will cover in the next section.

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What to Change Your Thinking About Debt and Financial Freedom To

“How we think about money determines what we do about money.” (, 2018)

     Before you can began changing your thinking about debt and financial freedom understand you have one really important responsibility to yourself, and those you care about for you to achieve financial freedom over the extent of your working life time.  In the past several years in my own life as I get older this really carries a lot of weight in the financial decisions I make now, as the hour glass of life becomes emptier from the top down.  You must have an extreme sense of urgency in your life to get started now achieving financial freedom. 

     A key truth to remember about getting out of debt and achieving financial freedom, is not how much money you earn or even how much you spend, but whether you are in control of your money that matters in the long run.  If you believe changing your current financial circumstances requires a large amount of change to get yourself out of debt, and pursuing financial freedom with money instead of a small change, will seem difficult to change your future. 

     Instead change your belief that overspending only a few dollars a month leads to catastrophic debt while carefully budgeting and saving a little consistently over time help you achieve debt freedom, and financial freedom.  Then your commitment to change is more easily accepted in your mind.   Once you understand how little change is required to permanently get out of debt, and succeed financially you will do so with this understanding. 

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The first change in your thinking is instead of believing financial freedom happens by accident or chance, see financial freedom as taking place by planning.  Financial freedom should be at the center of whatever you do in your life.  Accomplishing this freedom shouldn’t be something that happens accidently.  Make it something you intentionally think about, define, and consistently plan for.  Financial freedom should be part of your entire world view, along with thinking in terms of prosperity instead of survival. 

     The second change in your thinking about debt and financial freedom is from a survival consciousness to a prosperity consciousness.  Look at the world as being full of opportunities to achieve, and constantly look for ways to accomplish them.   Work also on replacing your thinking from Security to Opportunity mindsets.

     When we stay in a security mindset we tend to miss out on opportunities to become financially independent by leading the field.  Work on yourself to lead the field, this doesn’t mean take careless unthoughtful action, it means you are willing to remove yourself from your comfort zone, and attempt something new before everyone else starts trying or doing it.

     A third necessary change in your thinking about debt and financial freedom is the mindset from spending to saving.  I would take a step further through your own personal development and learn investing.   We grow up spending all of our hard-earned money received without saving much.

     The fourth and final necessary change in your thinking about debt and financial freedom is from hoping to doing.  In getting out of debt and pursuing financial freedom requires you to change your thinking from wishing and hoping to thinking and doing. 

     Consistently making these four belief changes about debt and financial freedom every day in your life you will began seeing the results in your life and finances after some time.  In the next article you will learn how to apply what you have learned about changing your mindset about debt and financial freedom.  Until then, stay persistent in your pursuit towards financial freedom from debt permanently so you can live the life you are meant to live!


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