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     If you begin now to change and take charge how you think (changing your Paradigm) about your credit card, credit card debt, your card usage, and your given right to financial freedom in your life.  By learning, developing, and applying immediately basic Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts of Disassociation, Content Reframe, and Belief Change, you’ll begin realizing the potential in your life to paying off your credit card debt fast, while staying out of credit card debt, and living the life you are meant to live.


     Paying off credit card debt fast begins in your mind by changing your Paradigm, your minds program that controls your ingrained behavioral responses to life, and how you see yourself, the world, and opportunities around you.  By applying three basic Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts of Disassociation, Content Reframe, and Belief Change you’ll begin changing your Paradigm, while realizing a renewed reality in your life of desiring to paying off your credit card debt fast, and a yearning to make a real-life change.  These concepts will help peal back the veil of social marketing, and internal stories you’ve been telling yourself that have influenced your perspectives about credit cards throughout your life, helping you to change your mental perspective about them.


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     The NLP concept of “Disassociation” teaches to detach your associations or break the link between a negative state of mind, and the trigger event.  You have daily stresses, anxiety’s, and negative emotions you experience that trigger reactions to common emotions within you.  For example, you may notice you’ve attempted several times to pay off your credit card or cards fast, yet you keep holding onto the luring marketing ploys of credit card company’s claims of reward points, cash back, and zero percent interest, and they win you over each time. 

     On the other hand, you may pay off your credit card or cards at the end of every month, while continually using them “wisely” still holding onto the “idea” of receiving reward points, or you maintain a balance without really getting anywhere with it.  This frustrates you because you know deep down using some other company’s money is a revolving door you’ll never leave unless you change your thinking. 

     Begin by disassociating yourself from your credit card by relating the PAIN you have from your revolving credit debt, and apply that emotional PAIN to your credit card itself.  I would take a step further and take an inner inventory of why you decided to get a credit card in the first place.  This inner inventory will help you understand your money behaviors you have about having a credit card better.   By relating PAIN to your credit card, and associated debt, you’re training your brain to relate PAIN to the usage of your credit card itself. 

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The PAIN you’re mentally associating your credit card with will help you take massive action to begin working on a plan to paying off your credit card debt off fast.  Our emotions are very powerful if we use them in a productive manner with our minds also, these two great tools enable us to progress further until we reach our intended goals.  

     By beginning to disassociate yourself from your credit card you’re telling your mind you don’t need to rely anymore on credit card debt, and it doesn’t own you anymore.  Just think the money we pour into our credit cards on payments, we could instead apply that money for personal savings and investing, to produce more abundance rather than debt in our lives.  Another NLP concept you can use to begin changing your mindset to pay off credit card debt fast is “Content Reframe”.

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     The NLP concept of “Content Reframe” is a group of visualization techniques that encourages you to think differently about your life situations of which you feel disempowered, victimized or out of control.  The financial debts in our life can lead us to a point of disempowerment, sense of victimization, and can lead to a state of being out of control with credit card debt.  You may be in financial situation right now where you are experiencing disempowerment, victimized, or out of control with your finances.  Encourage you to use “Content Reframe” by training your mind to look for opportunities of growth and resolve in the midst of troubled times in your life and in your finances.  This will take some-time to work on since you are probably used to staying in a frustrated state of mind when your finances are out of control.

     An example, if you lose your job, yes, this experience can cause tremendous stress and worry if we choose to left that event affect us.  Yet if you “Reframe” your thinking to how you can use this “jobless” opportunity to your advantage, you begin shifting your thinking from a mindset of disempowerment to one of resolve, and you begin to take control of the stressful situation.  Same goes with credit card debt, use Content Reframe to begin finding opportunities to grow from this experience of being in credit card debt to benefit your personal growth, and help you get out of debt quickly.  The last basic NLP concept you can include in the tool box of your mind is “Belief Change”.

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     The NLP concept of a “belief” teaches that it is an ingrained “thought-complex which serves to limit the way we behave—in either a positive or negative way”. (Wingfield, 2013)   We’ve allowed our minds to accept the erroneousness mindset that being in debt is alright, that there’s no problem being in debt, and that you will never be financially free.  You must realize credit card debt is a revolving door of lost opportunity, you will never win. 

     I realize many people have good intentions with credit cards, yet remember you are using someone else’s money with interest, not your own.  No matter how you look at credit cards you must work on changing your beliefs about them to see the reality of them.  By changing your beliefs about your credit card, their usage, and your opportunity to achieve financial freedom, by working on changing your beliefs you will affect a mental shift to escape credit card debt permanently.

     You can change your current beliefs about using a credit card and the associated debt that comes with it, by tackling the implications of those beliefs.  If you think you can’t live without a credit card or can’t pay it off because you’ve tried before, and you end up in the same circumstances as before.  The implications of that belief is that you don’t start trying to change the error in your belief, then by starting, taking action, and finding that you once you move forward you will begin to change the belief that paying off your credit card in full quickly, while staying out of credit card debt is possible.

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By asking ‘meta model’ type questions to yourself, these are systematic series of questions (or challenges) that you can use to change your tendency to generalize, delete and distort information.  When you realize the belief doesn’t make sense, which starts the weakening or changing of your original belief you once held about your credit card debt.  When you have weakened the old belief, be sure to replace it with a more useful thought, like achieving financial freedom in your life is achievable.  Make sure the new belief is both useful and fits with who you are.  A wise man once said that “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill, 1937)


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